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Quality Assurance

Our products are responsible for our client's companies meeting the highest quality and safety adherence standards of the world. KEY INTERNATIONAL offers our patron customers, a robust premium quality commitment, with both international standards and custom itinerary. We accommodate our customers with quality familiarized products, to gratify the needs of our business fundamentals.

Certified and quality certified policy adherence is stringently followed by us, on numerous factors pertaining to the local law of our clients. This ensures that our products fall in the safety range when it comes to harmful toxins or chemicals in products. We are accredited, with a certification from ISO 901 – 2015 from the USA, and have a strong devotion to quality in our policy and norms. We have copious certifications by which our products are tested, using the tardiest technology and are marked reliable to use by SASO, Intertek and SGS certification of phenomenal quality.

Our Organization and professional response team counters to our client's queries and emails and responds with a typical certification of analysis. We also assign out a copy of the specified documentation in the case of M.S.D.S, or Nonhazardous products, if required by the customer.

We have our individual unit for all LED lighting products and are afflicted too many industries that implement our quality benchmark for products, which are located in China. All our products are quality reviewed and approved by our personal assigned inspection team, that uses modern technology and tests every perspective of our product from features to function. After which it is approved and then termed as ready for shipment.

Quality Safety

We conduct infinite tests in categories, based on detailed policies, specific or general requirements, test specification, legal compliance, international standards and labeling requirements. These are essentials conducted by KEY INTERNATIONAL for safety operations in the concerned country to be exported.

Quality Assurance

In order to ensure that all quality satisfaction is available to our customers while using our products, we maintain a high level of superior inspection and also have a third party certification, from international quality certification companies.

Quality Goals

We aim to pursue, high evaluated quality products, that are environmentally free to discard after use and focus on developing long lasting durable products, to guarantee our trust with our clients are well preserved. We also aim to eradicate any defective, complaints or unreliable products to make sure our customers stay hassle free.

With the help of our special audits, we make sure, that all factory production is superintended by us, in terms of exceeding quality and suffice all health, ethics, and safety of our products usage. We also inspect every technical perspective, to ensure that our product provides premium performance.We are a complete customer oriented establishment and are brand conscious, dedicated to advancing from the best to excel. This has led to an influential client base, with which we are very proud of.

Our Quality Strategies

  • As per customer needs, we carry out product planning.
  • We conduct mass auditing and quality tests on a regular basis to assure the strength of our quality is consistent and not fluctuating.
  • We follow feedback from our customers and enhance quality specifications that is why our buyers love us because we listen.
  • We are also certified by numerous quality check establishments, so we can proudly confirm that our quality is not just a Miranda.
  • We will always proceed to expand our customer fulfillment with surveys and quality management system to help boost the potential of our products.